St. Olaf Academy and College


St. Olaf Academy and College • Goodhue Co.; Northfield, Rice Co, MN

Early Students (and Faculty) from Dodge and Olmsted Counties

(Alphabetized by given name)
Alfred Melvin SattreSt. Olaf Academy 1900-1901; grad St. Olaf College 1904. (College records: began Academy 1896-97, grad 1900; grad College in 1904.)Student
Anders AabyeAttended Academy in 1875.Student
Bernt Emkan Ellingson MohnWent to Northfield 2 Nov 1881 where he attended "St. Olaf High School." Did not grad. Enrolled 23 Sept 1882 at Luther College.Student
C. BeaverLikely Charles Johnson Fritz (1858-1884)] who attended Academy 1878-79. He was stepson of Christian M. Beaver]Student
Carl J. (Gander Carl) TverbergSt. Olaf Academy 1877-1878.Student
Gilbert (George) Gulbrandsen (Gilbertson) VaagtvedtAttended St. Olaf Academy during 1878-79 school year [with Charles Johnson Fritz]; attended Luther College in 1880s.Student
Hans A. Nilson MohnSt. Olaf Academy 1878-1879.Student
Johan Arndt Bergh1898-99 Academy, grad; St Olaf College 1900-1901; grad 1904.Student
John (Jan) Edward (Edvard) Tostenson HaugenSt. Olaf College 1887-1894. (College source has John E. Haugen 1888-89 Acad; grad 1892.)Student
Knut H. BerghSt. Olaf Academy 1891-92Student
Margit (Maggie) Nilsdatter MohnSt. Olaf Academy 1875-1876.Student
Mikkjel Mikkejelson Bjaastad (Bjastad)St. Olaf Academy 1885-1886.Student
Ole Nilson MohnSt. Olaf Academy 1877-1878.Student
Ole O. Havey(Born 1865; said to have attended "public school" in Northfield, Minnesota.Student
Sigurd Ulrich BerghAcademy 1900-01 where he grad; grad college 1908.Student
Sophia Bertha BerghGrad college 1901.Student
Ole Gunderson FellandAttended Luther College, 1868-74, grad 1874). Pastor. Served churches in Kasson and Rochester, MN. From 1881 taught at St. Olaf College. Professor of Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and other subjects; college librarian. Married 1883 to Thea Johanna Midboe, of Vernon Twp.Professor
Thorbjørn Nilson MohnResident of Vernon Twp before he attended Luther College, 1865-70; Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, 1870-73.) Pastor. First president of St. Olaf College, 1874-99. (Sons Nils, Iver, and Edward Mohn grad 1895.)1st College President