How-To and Guides


This subject deserves some introductory words. But I’ll begin with this suggested list of how-to sources and guides.


(How-To Books and Articles)

Here’s a link to a very useful presentation by Minnesota Historical Society, in St. Paul, MN, on getting started with your own Family History Research, along with an overview of available resources. (Don’t skip the “Family History Resources” link.)



“How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway” – online article by Yngve Nedrebo (based on Jan H. Olstand and Gunvald Boe’s            How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway. Olson: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of Cultural Relations, 1966.)

Family History Library, Research Outline: Norway. (First Edition, February 1992. Series SACN-Nor, No. 1.) Salt Lake City, UT: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1992. Copies are online at:  and

Forrrest Brown’s articles: “Norwegian-American Family History: Problems and Resources” in The Minnesota Genealogist, Vol. 10, No, 1 (March, 1979) pages 3-23 — and “Norwegian-American Family History: Tracing the Family Within Norway” in The Minnesota Genealogist, Vol. 10, No. 2 (June, 1979).

Nancy Ellen Carlberg, Beginning Norwegian Research. Anaheim, CA: Carlberg Press, 1991.

Maralyn A. Wellauer, Tracing Your Norwegian Roots. Milwaukee: Wellauer, c1979

Finn A. Thomsen, Scandinavian Genealogical Research Manual. Bountiful, UT: Thomsen’s Genealogical Center, 1980.

Gerhard Naeseth’s series of articles in Sons of Norway publication, Viking (during years 1984-1993). Many of these have existed as pdf files on the internet. (Currently not found online.)

Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher, Norwegian Research Guide. Janesville, WI: Origins, 2004.

Frank Smith and Finn A. Thomsen, Genealogical Guidebook & Atlas of Norway. Logan, UT: Everton, [197?].

Jan Frye and Lorna Anderson, Norway to America: Genealogy and Settlement History Guide. Bloomington, MN: L. A. Anderson, c1988.

Linda K. Schwartz – “Research Tips: Before You Can Research in Norway” (online article)

John Føllesdal’s “Ancestors from Norway” web site

Another useful book covering genealogy for various nationalities is Angus Baxter’s In Search of Your European Roots. Third edition. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 2001.

Important Norwegian-language publications

Andresen, Harald. Norsk Lokalhistorie: En bibliografi. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1969. (Listing of family histories.)

Hansen, Morten. Norske Slektsbøker. Oslo: H. Aschehoug, 1965. (Norwegian family histories bibliography.)

Solem, Jan Fredrik. Norsk Slektshistorisk Bibliografi, 1963-1984. Oslo: Statens Bibliotekhøgskole, 1985. (Supplements the 1965 Hansen volume, above.)

Stoa, Nils Johan, and Per-Øyvind Sandberg. Våre Røtter: Håndbok I slektsgransking for nybergynnere og viderrekomne. Oslo: J. W. Cappelens Forlag, 1992. (Guide for Norwegian genealogical research.)